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So my first time ordering from tasty Indian I was disappointed with the wrong order. They did replace it free of charge so I didn't want to write a review until at least trying once again. Today they far exceeded my expectations. Order was early, they found the house in staying at, and it was DELICIOUS. I got the cheesy breed 10" with the chicken garlic white Italian traditional pizza and their spring rolls. Everything was perfect and cooked as such.

I know the 30$ order is steep, but from my two experiences so far I would highly recommend.


3 reviews
Wow! Amazing food! If you like Indian food, and American style pizza and subs, you owe it to yourself to try this place! Their delivery area is huge (I'm 15 minutes away from them) yet they still got here fairly quickly (slightly over the estimate) and the food was still nice and hot! Incredibly delicious, fresh, fairly priced, and the delivery guy was friendly and professional. I hope they keep me in their delivery area for the foreseeable future!


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The pizza was amazing, delivered promptly and hot. Cannot recommend this enough. My favorite pizza place by far. Only complaint, where is the chicken tikka masala pizza?? Shut up and take my money.


1 review
Food is great! New varieties are fun. Best to check the spice level if unsure, because today's tandoori was hot!


1 review
Amazing, unusual, awesome! Do not hesitate to order from here.

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